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International cargo transportation all over the world

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5 reasons to choose us as a partner


Delivery time

Express delivery by all types of transport. We deliver goods from anywhere in the world within 5 days (including customs clearance). We calculate the most optimum route for each delivery, choose a suitable transport and bring the goods to the designated location on time.


Pick up cargo

We use “door to door” system, which means that we pick up the goods from the sender and bring them to your door. At the same time, our services are flexible and we provide an individual combination of services according to customer needs.


Low price

We have our own system of discounts, optimal rates for trucking fright from Europe, Asia and the CIS with fixing the cost of services at the time of shipment. We work at fair prices, we know in detail the formation of prices for transportation, storage and customs services. We offer quality service for a reasonable price.

5 reasons to choose us as a partner


Cargo tracking

We provide our customers with the ability to track cargo by invoice number. This will allow them to quickly plan related activities, depending on the actual date of arrival of the goods and more fully prepare for the receipt of cargo.


Execution of documents

Registration of transportation of goods as soon as possible is one of the determining factors when choosing a transport company. The ability to quickly prepare documents for transport services complements the list of benefits of AIRBUSCARGO.


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